Trickling Filters

Lovell Industries manufactures Terbo-Pac which is a self-supporting synthetic medium, fabricated from corrugated, rigid PVC sheets glued into blocks. Both vertical and cross-flow media have been developed for specific treatment objectives. In the case of the cross-flow medium, each sheet is corrugated at a 60o angle and assembled in a cross-corrugated pattern with adjacent sheets. This configuration provides continuous and uniform horizontal redistribution of both air and water throughout the full depth of the medium. The result is greatly increased contact time between the wastewater and medium bio-film as well as increased liquid film diffusion.



Flocor "E"

For vertical flow applications Lovell Industries can offer flocor "E" media which has been used effectively for the treatment of wastewater and sewage for many years.

The module consists of alternate flat and vacuum formed, specially corrugated, PVC sheets fully bonded. The upper and lower edges can be flanged to form light strong rigid structures.